About Coach T



Toria Reneé, a.k.a. Coach T, is the founder and CEO of IAMTHECOACHT, inspiring women as an Empowerment Coach, Bestselling Author, Radio Personality, & Motivational Speaker.

Toria Reneé, a Human Resource Management professional, developed a niche for listening & observing both verbal & nonverbal expressions to design personalized ways to help people improve professionally through personal growth and mindset change.

As Coach T, she uses those same skills to help women walk through their journey to becoming the absolute best version of themselves through 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and coaching memberships. Coach T offers customized coaching sessions for each client to assist them in realizing the greatness they already possess. Coach T’s unique coaching style and proven techniques help clients gain the insight, clarity, and mental power tools necessary to identify, cultivate, and apply their gifts and talents.

As the Host of Radio Talk Show, Empowering Moments With Coach T, she along with chosen guests, provide a fresh perspective on hot topics that concern women in fun informative ways to promote better living. The show airs every 2nd Saturday each month at 11:00 am CST on Intellectual Radio to pour back into women as they continue to pour into others.

As a Motivational Speaker, she teaches and inspires women to discover their strength, flip weaknesses from liabilities to assets, overcome personal growth barriers, and successfully change their mindset to better align with their life purpose.

In October of 2021, Coach T became a Bestselling Author with the release of her book entitled “Networkology: Women Building Wealth One Business at a Time.” The Amazon bestseller is an Anthology of 11 women sharing their journey of building healthy, sustainable businesses through networking.

Coach T is dedicated to speaking words that are valuable to life application and takes great joy in empowering women to realize great success.